You may feel like a talented speaker ready to inspire your friends and groupmates. However, even having a great charisma and speaking talent it may be extremely difficult to write a persuasive essay. It’s not that easy to group your thoughts and statements to form a logical line and make it sound stylistically correct at each point.

However, we’ve carefully collected a great bunch of tips that will make your essay closer to academic perfection and will take you closer to a better mark!

What Persuasive Essay Is

Each topic has two sides and, accordingly, it can be viewed from two or more different perspectives. However, before getting down to your persuasive essay one should choose a single viewpoint to be backed up in the paper, while all the others are to be questioned. Try to persuade your possible opponents that your point is the only reasonable one. And here is how you can do that!

Prepare For Your Essay

Before creating your writing follow these steps:

  • Choose which side you stand for. That may sound easy, however, it’s not. We often meet some good persuasive essay topics that can’t be clearly defined as “white” or “dark black”. Persuasive essay doesn’t have place for your hesitation. So, make your writer’s choice.
  • Picture your opponent. Think over the statements that made your imaginary opponent keep the opposite side. As soon as you guess the “invisible man’s” thought – you will know which facts will be most working for to convince any reader.
  • Get information. Even the best orators can’t make modern reader believe that the Earth is square or flat. So, know what you write about. Study details to sound like an expert.
  • Get some informational bombs. What’s that? Choose facts that are visibly correct and play in favor of your belief.

Persuasive Essay Structure

No real tower was ever build without a detailed plan, no matter how talented the architect and team of builders were. So, the key to perfection of a persuasive essay is also not a talent but a correct structure that will keep your precious ideas together allowing them to form great beautiful verbal “tower” that will be noticeable to any opponents.

  1. Give your reader intro data for the persuasive essay topics. Add some intrigue using a tricky hook: mention some appealing fact, questions or name. Make sure this part is exciting enough to catch your audience fresh attention.
  2. Main paragraphs. Those can be one or even several essay paragraphs that will speak about your strongest evidences. Do not force them all together, separate facts for several paragraphs or make a visually attractive list, so your reader does not miss out on anything important.
  3. Description of opposites. Give some pleasure to your opponents: describe the opposite point of view. And now: attack it with your facts and solid evidences.
  4. Conclusion. Make a short but grounded summary of what you said before and show the result. Now your readers will be totally converted to your point of view.

Another Way To Get Persuasive Essay

Writing a persuasive essay is a critical point to higher and professional education, including modern popular directions: PR, advertising, political speeches. It’s an important skill but in order to get not only some extra experience but an excellent record as well, you will work really hard.

If you prefer to practice in less stressful way, we’d give a kind advice to choose that wiser and more peaceful way. What about academic writing work? Pass your task to a professional writing team and keep your soul in balance. However, if you want some clear practice within academic program – choose an editing service that won’t give you a ready essay but will edit and carefully proofread the one written by you.